2016 Was Hard… 2016 was Blessed and I am GRATEFUL

There is death and life in the power of your tongue and your thoughts. Although death surrounded me and my family, I chose to embrace the life that I was left with and hold on tight… It was harder on some days, but in all I can look back say 2016 was HARD… 2016 Was Blessed…
2016 was a very hard year
1. One of my mentors was forced out a position because of their willingness to fight for justice.
2. Two of my Friends Moved Across the Country
3. Son was Assaulted and Had Major Surgery
4. My Cousin was Murdered
5. My Cousin Committed Suicide
6. My Good Friend Died of Cancer
7. My Cousin Lost Almost Everything in the Baton Rouge Flood


2016 was Blessed Year
1. I traveled to Cozumel, Mexico with Childhood Best Friend and Mother Figure In My Life
2. My Son Lived to Complete his Junior Year of College
3. I applied and was selected to be a part of a Group Study Exchange for 25 Days in Romania
4. I was able to Launch my consulting and event planning business
5. I was able to travel to Las Vegas and see a wedding, attend church and be with people who literally have changed my life for the better.
6. I participated in Habitat For Humanity
7. I was able to meet a homeless person and build a relationship
8. My nephew was blessed with a Kidney after 5 years
9 I was installed as the Youth Director for the Fellowship Baptist District Association
10. My Chapter TLZ Celebrated 40 Years, where my mother was a charter member
11. My BFF/Cousin Celebrated 15 years of Marriage
12. I reconnected with a BFF after 15 years
13. I was able to see all of my Aunts and Uncles and spend time with them this year
14. I built some friends for a lifetime
15. I opened myself to receive love again for myself 
16. I am going to be great-aunt again
17. I witnessed my son’s last musical performance in his senior year.
18. I was able to preach and speak at other churches
19. I was able to see that my aunt celebrated two holidays with her family.
20. I met Sandra Bland’s Sister and got to hear about her sister Sandy.
21. I Started a Job at a New Organization
There is WAY more GREAT things that have happened…I have learned in 2016 to be thankful through my trials and tribulations, 2016 is not over, find the good in the middle of your tribulation, it will make you appreciate the gift of life that you have been assigned to handle.  Have a GREAT New Year… 


  1. V says

    I LOVE the way in which you allow God to use you in EVERY aspect of
    your life!! You are an amazing women!! I am blessed to have you in my life!

  2. Shon Jasper says

    Great Testimony to the PURE AWESOMENESS OF OUR GOD in you PERSPECTIVE of LIFE. The Lord Makes NO MISTAKES…and He WILL get HIS Glory. We just have to be willing to give it to Him, before He makes us do it.
    PRAISE HIM for your continued Success and Growth.

  3. Rachel Gordon Fischoff says

    There is an exciting electricity to you Shandra.

    You are a good, good woman who has seen much sorrow and not become sorrow.

    The tears that fall from your eyes: You convert your tears into depth, convert your tears into gifts, convert your tears into love.

    I am honored to know you.

    Your new friend,

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