Leaving My First Baby at College

First Time College Parents congratulations on taking the leap and leaving your children at school away from you. It’s rough at first but you will make it.

Here are some suggestions that I have from personal experience:

1. Encourage them to stay on campus the first 6 weeks. You can call and I know Labor Day is coming up, but they need so stay on campus.

2. If you don’t have anymore children at home with you find a local charity and volunteer. You learn more about yourself while being a blessing to someone else.

3. Just because your friends get bottles of wine for you doesn’t mean you have to drink them all in one setting…. Lol… They are nice to have on hand to break open in case of emergency.

4. Don’t bring all that stuff home. Pay for a storage unit during the summer where your child is attending school.  It was a great investment for us.

5. When your child comes home for break they really do forget about house rules… Figure out rules for young adults in your house so your break won’t be miserable.

6. They are trying things and exploring things just like you did in college…  Just give them the wisdom that you learned and trust they will get some wisdom of their own.

7. Encourage them to graduate and not quit because of a tragedy at home. Give them resources on how to handle tragedy and encourage them to use campus counseling and other campus resources.

8. Look for scholarships every year even though they are not freshman.

9. If you are married or single learn to date again without the excuse of whenever my kids get older I may date again. If you have other kids I understand that you still have a focus..but they will leave one day so get started.

10. Have conversations about faith a and how they are exercising it. You have given them and example of faith and they will learn about different aspects of their faith that you didn’t teach them. Just walk with them and love them through their journey.

11. It’s alright to shed tears don’t let them paralyze you from living.

12. Sign the release to get information… Just because you are the parent you don’t get automatic rights.

I am very fortunate my son is starting his junior in college and we are learning each other as adults. All of these suggestions have worked for us. You know your child and what works for them… I would be interested to know what advice or suggestions you have for your first time college student. Please send me a message or leave a message in the comments.IMAG1996

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