My First White Flower


Mother’s Day is the holiday that puts the huge emphasis on giving flowers than any other day. I was speaking with a friend about their first Mother’s Day with the white flower and how it invoked so many emotions for them. This is my first “white flower” Mother’s Day  and I think I may pass on taking the “white flower”.

Don’t get me wrong I love flowers, but I may still stick with red flower because my mother still lives in my heart daily. I can only imagine the looks and blank stares I may encounter for choosing to wear a red. Red will symbolize my mother’s eternal love for me and the memories that live inside of my heart.

This year marks the first Mother’s Day when I can actually have a choice of between the white flower or the red flower. Instead of creating more stress about tradition,IMAG1353 I choose the red flower. I will give the white flowers to my mother.


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