An Inside Job

When I think about an inside job, it can only happen when the person has insight into the flow of an operation.  When I think about my transformation and the renewing of my mind, I give thanks to God for inside job He is doing in my life.

I have provided some background about the trauma I experienced as a young child and the choice that I have made to move forward and heal.  Forgetting about my trauma will NEVER be an option and the blessing of moving forward shows the ability of how my Faith has been able to provide a source of strength for me in order to live a full life.

What I struggle with the most, is when role models that don’t model moving forward. I think about bitterness and pride that consumes their heart and how it can impact the people that they are modeling for.  But what it reminds me that even role models have to have a made up mind to be transformed and it is really is an inside job.

The inside job that God is doing for me is not up to what is being modeled for me, but how I can model it. Through my attitude of hospitality and my journey to physical health as well as addressing critical issues that still face me, I must remember Who is in charge of the of the inside job.

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