Safe But Not Unharmed

Plans may have been sour for my parents, but I know that God still has good plans for me as I share my story with the world.  When I was  returned to my family I remember the person that found me saying” It’s alright you are safe now!”, but I can say that I was not unharmed. I clearly remember riding home from the hospital and thinking that this is something that I will never forget and as I reflect now, it was the first step to healing.  This was not just a healing process for only for me, this was a process for my family as well. Healing from the many months in court, the re-telling of my story, and   reliving kidnapping everyday that someone asked me if I was ok, just because they were being nosey or the story they heard on the streets was confirmed. [Read more…]

Big Plans Gone Sour

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord they are plans for good and not a disaster to give you a hope and a future

When you are born your parents have great plans for you. No parent evert plans for anything bad to happen to you.  I know my parents had plans for me never to harm but at 5 years old something happened they did not plan for;

I was kidnapped and left for dead by a mutual family member. As I continue to grow the image is still clear in my head and I am still triggered. My parents never planned for this, but talk about a plan gone sour. No parent ever wants trauma to happen. As I continue to share you will get parts of my testimony that will help you learn a little bit about who I am… Happy reading.