Healing Through Humor

Laughter is good medicine and there is healing through humor. I can honestly say that I have an interesting sense of humor that has helped me cope with my day to day and not only to survive but to thrive. My sense of humor has been a source of healing in all aspects of my life.

Psalm 126:2 says “Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”  I can honestly say that my sense of humor comes not only comes from a place of comedy but a place of testimony of what the Lord has done and currently doing in my life. I can laugh and celebrate because I am alive, I have the freedom in Christ to be joyful and live free not matter what has happened to me.  I know that trouble comes and bad things will happen to good people when it is not deserved or warranted.

Many people that have modeled for me how to handle bad things, it is all about how you handle your attitude.  How do I find my healing through humor? I have some concrete ways that I find healing through humor:

1. I have specific Facebook Friends that give me dose of laughter EVERYDAY

2. I write down a list of sayings that have made me laugh from my family and friends… Even the ones that may have not been as funny to others.

3. I watch my favorite episodes of Dave Chappelle.

4. I go and pick up children that I am close to that will provide me with humor.

5. Look at old pictures… (As one of my friends says I have a box full of blackmail.)

6. I host an outing or plan a party for my peeps that know how to keep it light for me.

7. I reflect on the many people that I have come in contact with that have a good sense of humor.


Think about ways that laughter and humor has helped you get through the tough times. Feel free to share, but most of all you find your own ways to heal through humor. Allow the scriptures on laughter and humor to be your guide on how you choose to heal through humor and allow the joy of the Lord be your strength.





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