It’s a Journey with Many Stops

I have shared parts of the journey of my testimony and will pause to share about my stop right now.  I have come to place in my journey that I only dreamed about and wondered what it would be like when I got to this point; my son’s high school graduation. I have been reflecting over the years and wondered what the day would be like, who would be there to celebrate and if he would be going to college. Well, our family celebrated for 4 days, there were A LOT of well wishers, and he has made the decision to attend college. I can say all of my reflecting is now a reality, Praise the Lord!

The number one question that I am being asked is, “What are you going to now with that empty nest?” My answer has varied, and it also depends on who is asking the question. There are those who are genuinely concerned and others that want to fill my time fulfilling their dreams :), while there are others that really want to know what am I going to do with the free time of not having to attend concerts and the many activities that once filled my life. I am also mystified by the number of  people that tell me, my time as a parent is over, and I have nothing else that I am required to do.  Technically yes and now it is time to see my faith in action.

My son is starting a journey of his own and to hopefully visiting his mother will be one of his stops to tell me what I did that did work and what did not work with my parenting style. Hopefully he will set his goals and accomplish them in the set time that he has for himself.  I want to be there to see him graduate from college  and to be there as a encourager not controlling where he should or should not live after he graduates.  In closing, what will I do with the empty nest?  I am going to keep traveling on my journey while making many stops to enjoy the scenery while I adjust to the empty nest.



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