Powerful Choices that Saved My Life

In life we all have the right to choose. God gave a gift of free will, if the gift of free will were not present; I am not sure if l would know God’s will for my life. I am thankful for my parent’s choice of letting me experience life outside of their protection and the choice to have my son. These two choices are the most powerful choices that saved my life.

My parents gave me a gift of freedom in spite of the choices that I made as a teenager; they were supportive of my growth. I remember the day I was leaving for college and my father had that final talk with me after all of my stuff was loaded in the van.  He pulls out this piece of paper and says, “This is a clean slate; you can fill it with the things that you want to and know that this is what the Lord does for us every time we repent.”  I remember that talk and did not really appreciate the talk, because I was just ready to go and get out of my hometown never to look back.  As time progressed, I understand the Grace that God extends in spite of the choices that I made.

The other powerful choice was to have my son. I have grown to accept a person’s right to choose, because of the gift of freewill that we all have. I know that any choice will impact a person differently but the choice I made saved my life. I was selfish and I needed the responsibility in order to appreciate my journey. I can honestly say it is worth it!! Adrian has accomplished and seen so much in is short life that I was afraid to even seek out because of my own insecurities. Watching him grow and appreciate life has been a gift for me. Although, I was not prepared to be a mother, my choice to be his mother prepared me for greater things in my life and to understand God’s grace that has been extended to me.


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