Reflection: Praising His Works Forever

“Praise God From Whom Blessing Flow…Praise Him All Creatures Here Below” was the hymn that was sung at the benediction in the service that I spoke at on Sunday. I can honestly say it actually one of my favorite hymns, because it is a commandment of praise but also a reminder that when I leave church,  I should still be in praise. On Sunday, I delivered a message from Psalm 111. I can honestly say it was blessing to see the growth that God is doing for me, but most of all the inspiration that I am receiving from the people that encourage me to keep going.  

The title of my sermon was “Praising His Works Forever.”  The three points are, it is important who you praise with, the reasons that we praise, and how long should our praise last. I wanted to share my personal reflection on how my own sermon spoke to me and the ways that I am going to make it personal.

I will continue to keep myself in the company of people that understand the liberation that Jesus gave when he shed His blood for me.  My reason for Praise well….I have MANY reasons. The fact that I am alive and I know that the Lord has good plans for me is reason to keep on praising the Lord. As long as the commandment of God’s Love is forever, I will forever Praising Him.

I am thankful for the support of my family and friends that were able to attend. If you were not able to attend and you offered prayers, trust me… I felt them. Stay encouraged and keep Praising the works of God and what he is doing in your life.

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