Whew Where Did The Time Go?


It is the halfway point in September and I am trying to figure out where did the time go?  My son is in the middle of his first semester and I wanted to make August my new month of new beginnings. Well I have learned when you don’t plan out your agenda and stick to it, time will get by and you will wonder what happened to the time.

I have been so blessed over the past few months to meets some fantastic people and reconnect with some fantastic people. As I realize about transforming inside out, I am accepting that my habit of procrastination has been the stumbling block of my full transformation. So I have been challenging myself on the small steps in order to just get it done.  They are simple steps and I have heard my mother tell me my whole life:

1. Write down so you won’t forget- My reason… I have a great memory so I did not think this applied to me…. NOT

2. Do it Now… don’t wait till later. You will miss out.

3. Be Kind the first time… you may not get another chance.

4. Show that you know Christ the first time….

As I continue to grow and develop as a person I am applying the steps and learning. I  am human and I have good intentions and putting things off is not an option anymore.

Proverbs 6:6 Inspirational Image

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