You Are Welcome and I Thank You.

I got a note out out of the clear blue thanking me for not tearing her down as a young African American Woman that is trying to learn about life. I saw her as a focused young woman that inspired me by her journey of faith and her decision to attend a Christian College in order to stay connected. She invited me to attend a Bible Study and to my surprise there were a lot of young people that were on a similar path and excited about what God was doing their lives.

 I don’t think she even understood how much she encouraged me. My heart was filled with joy and my response to her, “You are welcome and thank you for being an example to me in my life.” With her permission,I wanted to share this letter with you:

“Hello Ms Summerville!!! Ms Diva!!! I just wanted to thank you for being a strong African American woman who is educated, beautiful, and wise. Thank you for not tearing down this upcoming generation of AA women, but instead for helping us to rise up. I recently went through a situation with an older AA woman who seems to prefer different types of people besides colored women. She is highly educated and went through bitter times as well. Now that she has a very high degree and is in charge of something, she has no time to mentor or pour into the younger generation. It’s sad. It’ like she is giving out the same mistreatment she was given. Anyway, I thought of you when I was processing this situation. I thought how wonderful you are and that you are not insecure nor threatened by women. Thank you for being you. Just thought you deserved a shout out.”



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