An Inside Job

When I think about an inside job, it can only happen when the person has insight into the flow of an operation.  When I think about my transformation and the renewing of my mind, I give thanks to God for inside job He is doing in my life. [Read more…]

Powerful Choices that Saved My Life

In life we all have the right to choose. God gave a gift of free will, if the gift of free will were not present; I am not sure if l would know God’s will for my life. I am thankful for my parent’s choice of letting me experience life outside of their protection and the choice to have my son. These two choices are the most powerful choices that saved my life. [Read more…]

Justice Served On a Trash Can Lid

When I think about the justice system in the United States, I have seen it served on a platter, a paper plate, trash can lid, and just straight out the trash can. People that have been impacted are often told that was served if the verdict was guilty when harm was done and justice was not served if the verdict  is not guilty when the harm was done. Personally, when it all said and done any involvement with the justice system is going to be a cost and there will be some harm. I have learned about the practice restorative justice over the last 5 years as a model that is used in the community to repair the harm. When I think that restorative justice in my story, it was a practice that I have been taught since I was child. [Read more…]