Whew Where Did The Time Go?


It is the halfway point in September and I am trying to figure out where did the time go?  My son is in the middle of his first semester and I wanted to make August my new month of new beginnings. Well I have learned when you don’t plan out your agenda and stick to it, time will get by and you will wonder what happened to the time. [Read more…]

Reflection: Praising His Works Forever

“Praise God From Whom Blessing Flow…Praise Him All Creatures Here Below” was the hymn that was sung at the benediction in the service that I spoke at on Sunday. I can honestly say it actually one of my favorite hymns, because it is a commandment of praise but also a reminder that when I leave church,  I should still be in praise. On Sunday, I delivered a message from Psalm 111. I can honestly say it was blessing to see the growth that God is doing for me, but most of all the inspiration that I am receiving from the people that encourage me to keep going.  
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